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The Čakovický park stand under siege by visitors

Yesterday the 19th annual exhibition of Housing, the new projects concluded, where Čakovický park was pleased by the good graces and the interest of visitors.

The Čakovický park stand under siege by visitors View more photos

Thousands of visitors of the exhibition of Housing, new projects and other associated exhibitions had from  Thursday to  Sunday last week an opportunity to discover the PVA EXPO PRAGUE premises with exposure to the many exhibitors, among whom was also Čakovický park.

At a stand with a surface area of 35 m2 in our French and a Italian corner we welcomed dozens of people every day interested in  quality housing and, of course, our current clients. At the stand visitors could get complete information about  the project, about the virtues and  details of the individual apartments and about amenities. See the uncontested qualities that Čakovický park has to offer for yourself.

Visitors also appreciated the varied accompanying program, which was carried out with the support of the partners and clients of Čakovický park. A big attraction was a discussion with the archer David Drahonínský, who is a gold medalist from the Paralympics from Beijing and a silver medalist from the Paralympics from London. David spoke about the barrier-free living in Čakovický park, where he also discovered his new home. Other topics were devoted to design and interior decoration (spol. KEEPLINE), financing real estate(spol. IN-Broker) and client changes.

Not just Čakovický park aroused great interest and which has won the public choice award a few times in the prestigious Real estate project of the year competition, but also the project InterierLIVE, which arose on the basis of a constant survey of the needs and wishes of clients and those interested in quality living.

At the end of last year an internet competition took place, which was organized by Čakovický park in cooperation with  the server STYLE & INTERIOR on the most popular interior styles. From the five styles presented overall the French country style and Italian style were victorious. In these two distinctive styles, two selected apartments will be done during the month of April with a 3+kk layout in Čakovický park. It will be possible to follow the course of their design on this internet site through photographic reportage. In the month of May a public auction will take place, in which it will be possible to make a bid for the furnished apartments for an interesting price.

The two apartments designed in the chosen styles should then be a source of inspiration and an example of how stylishly and accessibly beautiful and functional living can be arranged.

Those of you who didn’t make it to the exhibition, can visit our client centre, which is open for you every weekday. Our sales advisors are available for you at any time.

We thank you for your interest we look forward to cooperating with you.

Vloženo: 25. March 2013


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